Plastic Bubu

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A traditional bubu fish-trap

KINABATANGAN: Two more villages within the Lower Kinabatangan have adopted an environmentally friendly fishing method which directly helps to protect the forest within the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

The method which employs the use of plastic wire mesh instead of using the bark of trees found within the protected forest has been winning over fishermen village by village since it was launched by the Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Project (KOCP) in 2004.
(Article is taken from New Sabah Times)

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So, our locals have finally created a plastic bubu. Clever.

I haven't heard 'bubu' for such a long time. Bubu is a basket-like traditional fish-trap. It is made of bamboo, with rattan rings as frames and looks like a cone shape. It has a funnel entrance to allow the fish to go in one way. Bubu is commonly used in Malaysia and it is usually positioned in knee or thigh deep water near the river bank. just leave it there for a day or two ;) .

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