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Tamu Besar Kota Belud gives visitors the golden opportunity to immerse themselves in Kota Belud's immensely diverse culture. Moreover, visitors should seize this grand occasion to stockpile on home wares and food produce as vendors, farmers, and fishermen will have their best merchandizes to offer here.

The 2-day Tamu Besar Grand event showcases Sabah's biggest open-air market as well as the unique customs and traditions of the Bajau community. Throughout this event, the native people will come out donning their respective traditional costumes.

The annual Tamu Besar is also the place to be if you want to witness the much-lauded West Coast Bajau horsemanship. Throughout this event, the younger generation of Bajau gentlemen will get in touch with their age-old heritage as horsemen of the east. There will also be a parade of ponies dressed in gorgeously ornate costumes as well as an exuberant display of riding skills by the Bajau horsemen.

Other than the usual trade activities, there are other interesting activities such as displays of farm produce and animals. Be sure to hone your haggling skills as a preparation to visit the Tamu Besar Kota Belud -you will need it!
(source: Sabah Tourism)

I didn't go to the event. My friend told me it was raining during that time. I guess it was difficult to move around with that kind of weather.

Anyway, here are some of the shots...











Thanks to my friend for the pictures:)

Come together to celebrate "Perayaan Hari Malaysia Sempena Sambutan Kemerdekaan Negara 2008" at the Padang Merdeka this October 18!

This grand closing celebration of Malaysia's Merdeka month was postponed from September to this month in view of the Moslem fasting month in September.

The event will be attended by the prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi. From 7.00pm until 11.00pm, an array of shows, from poetry reading, sketches and song medleys with the theme Success Through Unity will be staged, along with contemporary performances from local artistes like Jaclyn Victor, Karen Kong, Iqwal, and Stacy and Bob of the local talent reality show, Akademi Fantasia, fame.

Come one, come all in the celebration of 51 years of national pride.
(source: Sabah Tourism)

I was there at the event. Luckily i had my media pass. Armed with my camera and 55-200mm telephoto lens, i took ton of pictures like a mad man..wahaha! *evil laugh*

Here are some of my shots...








Standing for nearly 5 hours hurts my legs a lot.... ughh

Yes, this is not a joke! Harith Iskandar will be performing here in KK!

htour0171008.jpgNote: Image from Sabah Tourism Board newsletter

After 15 years in the entertainment industry, Harith Iskander is finally taking his Malaysian brand of stand-up comedy on a nationwide tour. He will be covering 5 major cities around Malaysia for his first live tour.

Douglas Lim will also be supporting Harith on his tour. As one of the wittiest and most brilliant comedians around, his fan base is fast growing in the stand-up comedy scene with his repertoire of spoof songs and impersonations.

Don't miss Harith Iskander in his first NationWide LIVE Comedy Tour. Audiences will be enjoying almost two hours of the best stand-up comedy in the country--guaranteed!

The Harith Iskander NationWide LIVE Comedy Tour will take place at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa on the 3rd November 2008.

Tickets are priced at RM143, RM123, and RM93. Tickets outlets will be at the Sabah Tourism Board and Sri Pelancongan Sabah offices. Please call 088-212121(STB) or 088-232121 (SPS) for ticket enquiries and reservations starting 10th October 2008. For general information, please call 013-5323255 or visit www.tallorder.com.my.

Celcom customers enjoy 20% discount on all tickets purchased 10 days prior to show date (Terms & Conditions apply). *Shortcode number for Celcom customers: 28881*

What's next? Russel Peters? I will be the first one to buy the ticket..hahaha :D

Diving with Borneo Dreams

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Lion fish.JPG

Having just got back from Labuan, a brilliant opportunity came along to head out to Pulau Tiga, AKA Survivor Island from the hit US TV series, where people are placed on an island and have to survive without the benefit of modern equipment. But enough about the land, as this is a dive trip let. Pulau Tiga is surrounded by a Marine Park and it appears to be working well since we saw no evidence of blast fishing and a high level of both hard and soft coral diversity.
It is about a two hour boat ride to Pula Tiga from KK, for us this sped by onboard a catamaran called BorneoDreams 4, we were assured that nothing untoward has happened to 1,2 and 3. BorneoDreams 4 is a really nice practical dive boat, very smooth on the water, lots of space, a toilet and a bed for those in need of a quick nap. Top side dive racks are placed along the side each side, which can take 8 tanks so there is rooms for 8 divers doing 2 tank dives. There is a central table for water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate; personal tip: if you mix coffee and hot chocolate you can create your very own mocha which is just the very best thing in the world, after a dive. Snacks; let's not forget the snack side of it all, simple but really nice sandwiches, crisps, papaya and bananas, all good fodder to keep you going.
So Borneo Dreams are just one of the many dive operators that are present here in KK, but they do stand out in a number of areas, first of which is safety, yes I know some of you are thinking about yawning all ready. Luckily in this case safety also makes for a much more enjoyable diving atmosphere, many of you may have found yourselves in the annoying position of having taken a slightly cramped and uncomfortable boat out to a dive site, then you're just expected to jump in and get on with it. Personally I really like to get a few bits and pieces of information; just really simple stuff such as: Are we diving on a pinnacle or a wall? Which way are we going? Is there a current? What is there to look out for in terms of wildlife? This stuff just makes the dive so much more enjoyable, I find at least. Then there is are the proper safety features, such as a well maintained and full bottle of oxygen on the boat, it just makes you feel a bit safer, well actually a lot safer.Bill dive.JPG














The boys and girls from BorneoDreams were great; really chatty, knowledgeable and just fun to be around, they showed a good knowledge of the topography (bathymetry) of the dive sites and explained the general lay out of the sites before each dive, and what to look out for, another good aspect was the fact that someone jumped in for a quick dive to check the currents both at the surface and on the bottom and they also drop a marker buoy with massive cement weight nick named Bessie which provides a nice descent line to the site, there is also a current line attached just to makes life simpler.
So on to the dive sites, we dived two sites around Pula Tiga both broad shallow pinnacles on her South West side both sites had a fair amount of current but since we had been informed about its strength and direction before we started the dive, and taken this into account when planning the dive, it was not a problem. Both sites consisted of patch reefs with coral bommies, visibility was about 10 meters and water temp a nice 29 deg cel. Personally I was both surprised and pleased at the high diversity of both hard and soft coral species as well as sponges present at both sites. The fish life at the first site was dominated by blue and yellow fusiliers and a variety of damsel fish with the odd butterfly and occasional parrot fish and wrasse thrown in. The highlight of the dive was a beautiful lion fish hiding away in a barrel sponge and a perfectly camouflaged cuttle fish. Great!
The second dive site had all the coral diversity of the first but here the fish life was much better clouds of fusiliers and damsel fish dominated the water column at some points but by far the best spectacle of the day was the schooling yellow fin barracuda myself and dive buddy found ourselves in the middles of this school which must have numbered around the 250 mark, elegant and graceful, just a wonderful experience.
Exiting both dives was also simple, we just sent up a delayed SMB so we could be found easily and not run over by boat traffic, there's a current line off the back of the boat and a nice broad ladder to ascend. Then we chatted about our dives, as you do, over some food and a few drinks and lounged around on the bow taking in the site of Palau Tiga and basking in the warm sun.


KOTA BELUD -- The Sayap waterfall, located about 32 km from Kota Belud town, has potentials to become a popular destination for tourists in Sabah.

It is an area of great natural beauty with a 50-feet high, three-layer waterfall, and surrounded by a forest with rich flora and fauna that will enthral any visitor.

The uniqueness of its natural surrounding with its fresh and clear air provides just the place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Kota Belud Member of Parliament Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said efforts would be made to promote the waterfall as a tourist destination in the state.

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