Celebrity travel: Brian Blessed turns wild man of Borneo

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Have you ever yearned to run barefoot on a sun-kissed beach, dive into emerald-green water, trek through mist-shrouded mountains or trudge through mysterious primordial jungles?

If the answer is yes, Malaysia is the land for you. This place is home to the unique proboscis monkey and, of course, the wonderful orang-utan. Towering over it all is Mount Kinabalu, at 13,435ft the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea and the focal point of Kinabalu Park.

It was the Malaysian High Commissioner, His Excellency Datuk Abd Aziz Mohammed, who invited me to visit his exotic country. 'You can even climb Kinabalu,' he suggested.

'It's not quite as high as Everest but it is awesome in its own right and a magnet for the adventurous.'

(Article is taken from The Daily Mail)

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