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KOTA KINABALU: Kaamatan Festival is an effective medium to promote unity, not just among Sabahans but also among the multi-racial ethnic community at the national level, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman.

"As it draws people from different ethnics and religions to come together and celebrate, it will contribute directly towards strengthening unity and therefore create a peaceful and prosperous society," he said in a speech for a Kaamatan celebration in Kinarut near here, yesterday.

He said that the festival has become a celebration for all and no longer celebrated only by the Kadazandusun and Murut (KDM) or other ethnic in Sabah.

The festival to celebrate the bountiful harvest of rice, he said, is gaining more and more recognition among other ethnics in the peninsular following the government's move to celebrate it at the federal level and to include it as one of the country's major tourism events.

(New Sabah Times)

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blog-banner2.jpgコタキナバル・ジャズ・フェスティバルが今年も開催されます。このフェスティバルは2007年にコタキナバルのプロモーションの一つとして開催され、今回で3回目になります。最初のコタキナバル・ジャズ・フェスティバルはコタキナバルのウォーターフロントとして知られるジェッセルトン・ポイントで開催されました。2008年にはイギリスのGreg LyonsやアメリカのDenise Mininfieldなど世界で活躍しているアーティストも参加しました。






Kota Kinabalu - Sabah

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  • Body Type :Fiberglass

  • Year Built : 2005 (Sandakan)

  • Length : 24 feet

  • Width : 6 feet

  • Draft : 1 feet

  • Engine Type : Yamaha 85hp x 2 ( Low Mileage 2008 model ) Engine No: 1016538 / 1017620
  • Canopy : Stainless Steel & White Canvas


  • Life Jackets : 8

  • Stern Light : 1

  • Anchor & Cable : 1

  • Painter : 1

  • Heaving Line : 1

  • Bilges Pump/Bailer : 1

  • Torch Light : 1

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etnik2.jpgKota Kinabalu: Eastern Europeans are taking notice of Sabah, if the presence of Warsaw-based photographer and travel writer, Edyta Buchert, is an indication.

Polish media making the beat in Sabah is rare.

But Edyta was clicking and shooting away the diverse cultural faces and costumes at the Sabah Museum's Heritage Village Sunday afternoon in conjunction with Sabah Fest 2009 events themed "Mystical Sabah - A Cultural Experience."

"Peoples are the essence of a country," said Edyta who writes for the Polish magazine named Shiat Podsoze i Kultura.

(Daily Express)

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そういうときにはKDCA(Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association)に行きましょう。KDCAはコタキナバルから車で20分程のところにあり、タクシーで簡単に行くことができます。サバ州の民族の伝統的家屋を見ることができ、また収穫祭の時期には伝統衣装を着た現地の人々に出会えます。年に一回のこの時期を見逃さないように!

KAAMATANとは、Kadazan Dusun族の言葉で「収穫祭」を指します。
KDCAで「Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan = ハッピー収穫祭」と言えば、現地人に喜ばれること間違いなしです。



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S/Y Raja Laut, 100 foot timber schooner which was launched in Sabah 3 years ago is successfully plying Southeast Asian waters as a luxury charter vessel. The shipwrights and carpenters who built her are based here in Sabah and available for repair or modification works on timber boats or interior joinery works on any boats. Sabah offers a large choice of high quality timbers at very competitive prices - i.e cheaper than Thailand or Peninsular Malaysia. Teak is not commercially available but can be imported...

rajalaut_service02jpg.jpgType of works that can be carried out afloat or in dock:
  • Replanking
  • Laying new decks
  • Structural modifications
  • Interior joinery &cabinets
  • Laminating
  • Plywood construction
  • New builds

For more information on the Raja Laut visit : /

Watch Raja Laut videos on Youtube:
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Sabah a satisfying experience


tradisi2.jpgSABAH is a "very satisfying" place to visit, according to pharmacy students of the International Medical University who stormed Sabah Muesum's Heritage Village, Monday.

"This is my first visitÉmy first experience to see these unique ethnic tribes and they are so friendly," said Kwan Zuan Ur, after having a whale of a time dancing with the Papar Kadazandusun cultural troupe, including Minister Datuk Masidi himself.

Asked how they got to know the Heritage Village, she said: "Our driver brought us." Apart from culture, the other memorable aspect of Sabah was the seafood.

"We were in Sandakan the last couple of days and practically gorged on lots of seafood because it's so nice, so fresh and yet so cheap compared to KL where it's so hard to get, so expensive and not fresh," she said.

"The scenery is fantastic, the beaches pristine. Here you have fresh clean air, KL is polluted, Port Dickson's beaches are polluted," Zuan Ur continued.

Sepilok differed from what she had "visualized" she noted.

"Only two Orangutans came out but they looked natural and much slimmer than the big bloated ones we had seen KL zoos."

"We are very curious especially about Mt Kinabalu. We want to climb it," Zuan Ur said.

"Sabah is good fun," said Yun Lee, classmate of Zuab Ur. "What makes Sabah very special is its wealth of unique cultures which we cannot see in KL so I am very happy to have seen them."

(Daily Express)


Pharmacy students from the International Medical University trying out the musical instruments played by the Kampung Kawari Papar traditional ensemble during the Crafts Exotica Exhibition launch at the Sabah Museum yesterday.

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysians who pay thousands of ringgit to watch concerts or dinner shows should be willing to pay a little to watch cultural performances, Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said yesterday.

"It is disappointing to see Malaysians complaining about us staging top-class cultural performances for a mere RM30, saying it should be free.

"When it comes to dinner shows featuring supermodels or pop stars, they don't mind paying thousands of ringgit," he said after launching the Crafts Exotica Exhibition at the Sabah Museum.

At the recently-concluded Sabah Fest Extravaganza, 800 tickets were sold out for the two-night performances, but most of the audience were foreign tourists.

By the same token, Masidi said the performers should also ensure that they maintain high standards.

"Performers should not just stage simple traditional shows and demand high payment, otherwise it would only put our culture in bad light."

Another approach that needed to be encouraged was to get Malaysians to understand their role in keeping tradition alive, Masidi said.

"Traditional dancers and musicians, handicraft makers and others who help keep our culture alive need money, too.

"To keep them doing what they do, we should help them by contributing to their art."

(New Straits Times)






water fall.jpgまた5月末には収穫祭があります。収穫祭はサバ州・サラワク州だけのお祭りで、そのときには各地から多くの人が集まり伝統舞踊や伝統料理を披露します。サバ州のどぶろく「Tapai(タパイ)」を楽しむのであれば、収穫祭が持って来いです。収穫祭以外にも各地で色々なフェスティバルが催されるのもこれからの時期です。地方の地元ならではのフェスティバルを見るのも、その土地の特色が現れててよいです。




KOTA KINABALU: Sabah's annual showcase of its colourful and diverse cultures was launched on Saturday night with a special twist - a little known dance of a Kadazandusun tribe from the remote interior was performed for the first time in public.

The crowd that thronged the Sutera Harbour Resort were enthralled when women from the Dusun Gana community in Bingkor, Keningau district, traipsed daintily through clacking wooden staffs fashioned from belian, Borneo's hardest wood.



They were performing the rare monsilad dance. For cultural aficionados, the thrill of the hour-long performance began with the rarely seen memahui pogun (cleansing the universe) ritual of the Dusun Lotud community from Tuaran district.

Once thought to be on the verge of extinction, the ritual has been revived thanks to efforts of the Sabah Tourism Board and its subsidiary, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd.

(The Star Online)

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