Rare giant Rafflesia flower blooms

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Tenom: A giant Rafflesia flower about a metre in diameter has bloomed in Sabah's interior Tenom district.

The world's largest flower, which is extremely difficult to find, was discovered by farmer Yubis Kinsil who found it in his rubber plantation at Kg Mogitom, about 14kms from Tenom town yesterday.

"It came as a pleasant surprise as it opened in our rubber plantation. I suppose it is good luck for us as a family. It is a rare flower," said Kinsil.


The family planned to get tourists into the plantation areas and allow people to get a glimpse of the parasitic flowering plant.

Whenever a Rafflesia blooms, villagers in Sabah put up signboards along the roads to inform the public that they can view the flower, and some charge a fee for people to see it.

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