Learn about orangutans ahead of Borneo holidays

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People curious about what sort of wildlife they could encounter on their travels to Asia might like to try finding out more about the Orang Utan species of ape.

If explorers are looking to see the animals in their natural habitat, a Borneo holiday may be the way to go, as the island is home to the particular variety of monkey and a close encounter with one may be a rewarding experience.

They are the only type of ape to be found in the continent and can be seen in two different breeds. Those found on the island have the Latin name pongo pygmaeus, while the Sumatran orang-utans are called pongo abelii.

When walking through the jungle, visitors might be advised to cast their eyes upwards to the trees, as that is where the monkeys are usually found, sleeping in nests amongst the branches.

Anyone particularly captivated by these apes might be interested in finding out more about the Orangutan Foundation's Volunteer Programme that allows travellers to contribute to conservation work.

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