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Tampat Do Aman

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Tampat do Aman, meaning a place of friends or a peaceful place, in the local language Rungus, is nestled into the natural surroundings of the Tip of Borneo area Kudat, Sabah, East Malaysia. The company is developing a number of tourism ventures in this area with the main "base" being the Future Eco resort and Jungle camp. The six acre, "base", is dissected by the only road that leads to this phenomenally beautiful, pristine stretch of coastline that stretches from the Tip of Borneo 10km to the south, incorporating eight of the best beaches Sabah has to offer. The area really is a jewel in the crown of Sabah, which is already famous for its diverse flora / fauna and culturally unique environments.
With the resort area backing of the state forest reserve customers can join one of the jungle trekking parties, survival courses or night walks to explore the stunning jungle, being guided by one of the locally sourced and trained guides that know the area like their own back garden! With the accompanying jungle guide showing you the way, you are ensured to gain the most of the experience and fulfill the ideals of an evocative trip to Malaysian Borneo, combine this with the stunning coastline and all can be achieved from this one stop location. The ethos of the resort is to provide comfortable accommodation for tourists and locals alike, to base themselves so that they can explore the stunning surrounding area, discovering for themselves the local people, culture, cuisine and friendly ethos that the local, Indigenous, Rungus people are renowned for.

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