Want to play rugby in KK? Join SWRC (Sabah Warriors Rugby Club)

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Sabah Warriors Rugby Club was created by a group of friends and rugby enthusiasts based in Kota Kinabalu with one simple goal in mind: to enjoy playing the great game of rugby, which just happens to be the game they play in heaven!

However, we realized quickly that with a special sport like rugby we could do much more than just play games and enjoy the legendary social life that goes along with it.

As stated in the Kadazan language on our club emblem, "Victory in Unity and Strength" our club executive committee represents the unity of various ethnicities and communities in Kota Kinabalu and we are proud of the fact that we are, like the city of Kota Kinabalu, a multicultural group: in our team and committee we have people from all around Sabah including Kadazan-Dusun, Chinese, Malay, Bajao, Indian, and we also have Expatriates from around the world... This is the beauty of Malaysia!

Our club is dedicated to the following aims:

  • The promotion and growth of rugby union in Sabah
  • To encourage young Malaysians to continue playing rugby after school and thus to field teams containing at least fifty percent (50%) local players.
  • To develop the best and brightest young Sabahan and Malaysian rugby talents into professional, disciplined and passionate rugby players through structured training.
  • To promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, respect, dedication and humility amongst the club's players.
  • To promote a family-orientated social culture, where the club supports camaraderie and friendships amongst teammates.

To achieve these aims the SWRC works with the Sabah Rugby Union, local schools, the government, and with the business community and sponsors in Kota Kinabalu.

By bringing these ingredients together we are able to provide facilities, equipment, coaches, and funding for rugby activities all-year round.

As an independent club SWRC has an "open door" and welcomes players from all different backgrounds, so if you are keen rugby, or just want to get fit and have some fun come down and join us during one of our scheduled training sessions (see table below).

Contact us today and find out about the benefits of membership: info@sabahwarrriorsrugby.com

For more info please see our Facebook page or our website: www.sabahwarriorsrugby.com



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