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rhino.jpgKota Kinabalu: WWF-Malaysia's Borneo Species Programme team has captured images of a female Sumatran rhino believed about 20 years old in the Heart of Borneo, further strengthening the need to sustainably manage the forest in this part of the region that is shared by Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Raymond Alfred, Senior Manager of the programme, stressed the importance of strong and coordinated enforcement in the forest reserves involving the Forestry Department, Wildlife Department and Sabah Foundation, with the support of the police, to ensure the survival of this endangered species.

The current enforcement and survey work in this area is supported by Honda Malaysia. Consistent monitoring of the rhino population here has so far identified the presence of two rhino calves.

Raymond said the future of the rhinos in Borneo now depends on how serious the forest reserves could be managed sustainably and how the enforcement and monitoring could be carried out effectively and be supported with appropriate activities.

WWF-Malaysia is now looking into how Forest Management Units (FMUs) could be sustainably managed since the forest stand and condition in most of the FMUs in Sabah are poor.

He said based on long-term field survey data, the rhino monitoring and survey activities in other forests by the programme shows that the home range of the rhinos is also affected by oil palm expansion near the eastern coastline of Sabah.

(Daily Express)

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Kota Kinabalu: Sabah is now among the world's best attractions in terms of the super yacht marine tourism sector.

This segment of the tourism industry benefits not only tourism players in Sabah, but other industries and the economy as well, said State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun.

He said the Federal and State governments work closely with private sector companies specialising in this field to move towards improving infrastructure and enhancing areas requiring attention to further promote this sector in Sabah.

"Marine tourism is massive worldwide and Sabah, with its unparalleled diversity, holds the key for it being one of the most suited destinations for this lifestyle holiday in Asia," said Sabah Tourism Chairman, Tengku Datuk Dr Zainal Adlin.

"Indeed our super yacht visits over the past few years are growing exponentially to prove this and it now seems commonplace to see at least one or two of them berthed at Sutera at any one time," he said.

Touchdown Holidays Sdn Bhd, luxury yacht handlers and Sabah agents for Asia Pacific Super Yachts, alone had already received visits this year from six super/mega yachts ranging in size of up to a whopping 300 feet valued at hundred of millions of US dollars.

(Daily Express)

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TUARAN: It was sunny on the morning of May 31, that marked Sabah's Kadazandusun community's celebration of their harvest festival or 'Pesta Kaamatan'.

An octogenarian was sitting leisurely at the stairway of her wooden house in Kampung Mantob, Kiulu while listening attentively to a Kadazandusun song entitled 'Tadau Kaamatan' over Radio Vfm Kota Kinabalu.

The woman, Mundahoi Sompong, who is now 83 years old, was a distance away from the KDCA building in Penampang, the heart of this year's Pesta Kaamatan celebration.

For more than two decades, age had forced this woman to skip witnessing events in the celebration that included its highlight, the Unduk Ngadau (beauty pageant).

(The Borneo Post)

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