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Borneo Marathon


This one is for all you runners out there. The 2008 Borneo Marathon, the first marathon to be held in Kota Kinabalu in over 20 years, is the perfect opportunity to combine a holiday and get another marathon, or half marathon/10km (depending on which event you choose) under your belt !

Have a look at

10% of the entry fee will go to local charties, and you are encouraged to choose the one you want to contribute to specifically.

The race starts early in the morning on Sunday, the 12 of October, and I will be there !

I have entered the half -marathon part of the race (I am not completely nuts!).. although this running thing is not something I would normally do... Don't get me wrong: I love sports and I love the outdoors and that's why I live here in Borneo. But I'm not as fit as I used to be and running 21 km in the tropics... well I have visions of my face turning red, my head throbbing with heat, and my mouth and lungs sucking in air like vacuum cleaner when you accidentally get chunk stuck in it !

However, once my friend and colleague, William Dickens, had decided to take up the challenge it was only a matter of time before his enthusiasm and relentless badgering persuaded me to join too...

Its gonna be a hard 'road' ahead. If anyone else out there is running this I look forward to seeing you there at the start, and hopefully at the end too.

Onwards !


Ps. Any tips from you experienced runners on how to train properly for the big day ?


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