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Neolithic skeletons found in Gua Kain Hitam, Sarawak
at the laboratory of USM's Centre for Archaeological research.
In the background are the principal archaeologist and researchers in the project.

GEORGE TOWN (Sept 18, 2008): Archaeologists have made the most sensational discovery since Perak Man with almost simultaneous unearthing of two separate groups of complete Neolithic human skeletons in peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, both dating back some 3,000 years.

A total of three males with Mongoloid features, aged between 25 and 35 years, were found submerged in a coastal mangrove swamp in Pulau Kalumpang, near Taiping, Perak.

Another eight skeletons, including seven males aged betwen 25 and 45 years, were discovered in Gua Kain Hitam, at a back portion of the sprawling Niah caves complex near Miri.

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