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Labuan: Effort are underway to create a new village for the Kadazandusun and Murut community in Labuan, member of parliament Datuk Yussof Mahal said.

He said the matter would be brought up to the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry for approval, soon.

There are about 5,000 Kadazandusuns and Muruts on the island but living scattered areas.

The Labuan Kadazandusun Murut Association has requested that a cultural village, or at least a new village, be set up for the community.

Making the request in conjunction with the Labuan Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) here today, a spokesman for the association, Markus Jikunan, said: "We want to see our community living together in one village in the interest of unity."

On another development, Yussof said the government was serious in resolving the long-standing issue of ferry services between the island and Sabah.

He said the federal government had given the green light for additional ferry services this year, allowing passengers to bring their cars from the island to the mainland.

"It is not that the existing ferry service is poor, but the government prefers to see more services for the betterment of the people," he said.

There were some teething problems need to be resolved, he said, particularly with regard to the Sabah government's reluctance to give the "landing rights" to other ferry operators.

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TUARAN: It was sunny on the morning of May 31, that marked Sabah's Kadazandusun community's celebration of their harvest festival or 'Pesta Kaamatan'.

An octogenarian was sitting leisurely at the stairway of her wooden house in Kampung Mantob, Kiulu while listening attentively to a Kadazandusun song entitled 'Tadau Kaamatan' over Radio Vfm Kota Kinabalu.

The woman, Mundahoi Sompong, who is now 83 years old, was a distance away from the KDCA building in Penampang, the heart of this year's Pesta Kaamatan celebration.

For more than two decades, age had forced this woman to skip witnessing events in the celebration that included its highlight, the Unduk Ngadau (beauty pageant).

(The Borneo Post)

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Appey being flanked by Pearl and Joanne

KOTA KINABALU: The south-western Papar district shot to prominence in the closing moments of the state-level Kaamatan or Harvest Festival celebrations when a district lass bagged this year's Harvest Queen title.

Appey Rowenna Januin, 18, who won the district-level pageant on Sunday said: "I'm just so glad that the Unduk Ngadau title has returned to Papar after a 42-year absence."

The Kadazandusun lass took home prizes totalling RM39,000 including a RM25,000 scholarship from the Asia Tourism Institute, return air tickets to Hong Kong and RM3,500 in cash.

She attributed her victory to luck, saying that many of the 41 contestants were more experienced.

The second place went to Pearl Dianne Petrus, a 20-year-old Kota Kinabalu Politeknik engineering diploma student representing Kota Kinabalu.

In third spot was Joanne Kimberley J. Majalap, 19, a student from Penampang.

(The Star Online)

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Homemade Hinava


By Valencia

Hinava, merupakan makanan yang paling popular di kalangan kaum Kadazandusun.


  • Ikan tenggiri
  • Serbuk biji buah bambangan
  • Garam
  • Air limau nipis
  • Lada
  • Hirisan bawang merah
  • Sayur peria di potong halus


  • Ikan dibersihkan terlebih dahulu, kemudian dicincang sehingga lumat.

  • Isi ikan diperam dengan air limau nipis selama satu hari. (Simpan di tempat yang sejuk).

  • Air berlebihan dibuang. Isi ikan digaul dengan serbuk biji buah bambangan.

  • Campurkan garam, lada, bawang merah, sayur peria dan perahan limau nipis.

  • Gaul sehingga sebati.

Sesuai dimakan bersama nasi atau ambuyat :)



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