Diving in Layang-Layang

hammerhead.jpgLayang-layang Atoll lies northwest of the Tip of Borneo, the northern most point of Sabah. Along with Sipadan its reputation also ranks it as one of the world's top dive destinations. The island's topography is made up of rich growths of hard coral, which start fringing at 5 meters and then plummet down to about 2000 meters. Huge schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks can be common here.

The surrounding seabeds offer at least a dozen excellent diving sites, characterized by shallow depths with extraordinary coral gardens teeming with reef microfauna, full of steep drop-offs into the abyss and the almost constant presence of pelagic species. There are as many as 13 coral reefs here. Thus, creating a breathtaking underwater scenery. As you might imagine Layang-layang is a great place for drift diving, and the generally great visibility intensifies this.

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Wrasse Strip

wrasse.jpgWrasse Strip is another Layang-layang dive site that offers the richest and most untouched reefs in the world. Marine life here includes the turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, batfish, redtooth triggerfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, soldierfish, lobsters, starfish, nudibranchs, sea snails, miniscule blennies and crustaceans. The most exciting dive would be from the surface to 20 metres deep, where large coral formations exist.

Gorgonian Forest

gorgonian forest.jpgThis is one of the best dive sites around Layang-layang. Diving at the Gorgonian Forest you are likely to encounter a formation of huge and colorful Gorgonian fans. Close to the reefs it is possible to find individual hammerheads or maybe come across a Leopard Shark resting on a ledge. The current is usually moderate and the best diving time is around april and may. Whale shark and manta rays have all been spotted in this area, along with barracuda, dog tooth tuna and giant trevallys.

Shark's Cave

cave.jpgShark's Cave is one of the highlight dive sites in Layang-layang. Don't be surprised to find that you're swimming with tunas or seeing leopard sharks below you. Along the way are beautiful corals and marine plants, with the occasional sighting of turtles. Here you can find a lot of different sharks: Leopard sharks, Whitetip sharks, Nurse sharks, Grey reef sharks and Hammerhead sharks. Dive down the wall to about 30 metres to a sandy ledge, one can see the ledge are packed with soft corals, black corals, gorgonian and barrel sponges.

Snapper's Ledge

snapper .jpgSnapper's Ledge is an easy relaxing dive site, where the currents are occasional and depth ranging from 10 to 40 metres. The variety of reef fish here is just awesome. Snappers, goatfish, wrasse, parrotfish, fusiliers and pufferfish are common here. Drifting along with the current, you'll find yourself in a garden of colorful corals such as gorgonians and black corals.


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